Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rephotographing at Lacock

Since I was visiting Lacock, the former home of Fox Talbot and where the photographic negative was invented, I decided to do some rephotographing.

The day before i visited a bureau in town to make laser copies of Fox Talbot's different views of the house; my intention was to relocate these and photograph them as they are today. The juxtaposition between some of the first ever photographs made and the present day interested me!

I was able to locate all the views thanks to some help from staff! Each Fox Talbot view is followed by my rephotograph ...

Looking at the two photographs above, one can see that the doorway appears narrower in the original; this can be explained by the fact that I was using a wide-angle 18mm focal length where Fox Talbot would have been using a more standard length of lens.

In the second series of images, one might well wonder whether it is the same door in both photographs. It seems likely but a new door has obviously been fitted while there have been changes inside since one can no longer see a window in the background.

The difference between the two photographs here is immense and reveals just how far photography has come in the 180 years of it's existence with detail both on the inside the window and without. Having said this, one can marvel at the first negative and a camera that can produce an image with very little distortion.

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