Wednesday, October 12, 2011

making a Photobook (Gerry Badger Blurb interview)


Gerry: I love to look at photographic books, and am always looking for the next great one.
Blurb: What are you looking for in a PBN winning book?
Gerry: I quote my friend John Gossage on this: 
“Firstly, it should contain great work. 
Secondly, it should make that work function as a concise world within the book itself. 
Thirdly, it should have a design that complements what is being dealt with. 
And finally, it should deal with content that sustains an ongoing interest.”
Blurb: What are your top five tips for an aspiring photographer?
1) Shoot with spontaneity
2) Consider what you’ve shot at length
3) Throw most of what you’ve shot away
4) Edit, edit, edit
5) When it comes to making books, less is usually more
Blurb: What do you believe the value is for a photographer to self-publish their work?
Gerry: Making a book makes a photographer think about what they’re doing. A book is a richer and more complex statement than just a bunch of pictures.

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