Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another idea for People and Place assignment 5 - people from village

For some time, I have been photographing people from a village in Orissa, India. They are Tibetan and came as refugees to this place during the 1960's.

Many of the images are from scanned slide film although a few are from a digital SLR camera.

While I am happy with this series of images, this work does not really fit the brief of an assignment for which one is being asked to write a brief and then carry that brief out.

The photographs here are informal portraits that show something of the people pictured and their place in village life.

Anzing Rinpoche with monks making medecine during ceremonies

Amomo, a villager counting prayer beads

Gyetrul Jigmed Rinpoche, the abbot's son

Kama in Ling Dro dance costume

Dolkar and Ka-Ling in Ling Dro dance costume

Karma Shedrup videoing the ceremonies

Chimmey Dolkar, wife of the head abbot

Semo Pemadechen and Semo Sonam Palmo, daughters of the abbot, in Ling Dro dance costume

Sonam Palzome, the abbot's eldest daughter, dancing Ling Dro

Sonam Zangmo with poesy

Sonam Wangchuk, mask maker

Terton Namkhar Drimed RInpoche, the abbot, emerges from the temple
surrounded by monks and dancers at the climax of the Xitro dance

Semo Tseyang La, the abbot's youngest daughter

pilgrim with prayer beads in village

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