Tuesday, June 7, 2011

another concept for assignment 5 - people interacting with nature

While discussing assignment 5 with my tutor, I suggested the possibility of photographing people interacting with nature; since then, I have done a few photos with this approach in mind. It seems that there is a lot of consideration given to nature these days with programmes like BBC2's Springwatch programme being very popular with its' interactive approach. Likewise tourism is increasingly involved around experiencing wildlife.
However, examining the way people relate to nature is in itself an interesting subject and one that has been considered by John Berger in his book, About Looking. The essay title is called Why Look at Animals? and considers the relationship between man and animal over the centuries; nowadays, man has become separated from animals whereas before he lived in much closer proximity. Zoos and wildlife watching are a contemporary alternative in which animals are studied.  

Here are some initial images made recently in London.

Heron and father with baby; Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

visitors at the waterfall, Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

feeding the pigeons in Kensington Gardens
people walking through the Somerset-shire countryside

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