Saturday, March 3, 2012

a good people and place photo !?

During this module, I have grown to like the concept of people and place as it seems to be a good way of considering photos; there may be no people in them yet usually there is something similar that stands out while all photos contain some kind of space if not place.

Dorothy is taken ill
The photograph above is one I made while visiting a Bristol art gallery with some other students. We were having lunch afterwards and one of us, an elderly lady called Dorothy, was taken ill and an ambulance was called. At first, I was involved and concerned that Dorothy was going to be alright; when I saw that there was nothing I could do, I stepped back and made a few exposures of what was going on.

There have been comments that this photograph must have been set up, it looks too well ordered! In fact, it was carefully composed and I needed to move around a little to find the right vantage point.

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