Saturday, February 25, 2012

photographing older people

I decided to visit a coffee morning at the church in town (St.John's of Wellington Somerset) as part of a possible project; my interest was to make images of the coffee morning against the backdrop of the church. This however did not work because the coffee morning was held in a hall next door to the church which showed no sign of ecclesiastical trappings.

I had heard about the event through my mother who introduced me to the woman in charge who said she would be happy for me to make some photographs and asked if she might have one or two to inform others of what is a monthly event. This lead me to make some more general shots yet mostly I was interested in the people present - there is often so much written in the face of an older person.

Here is a general shot, an attempt to show what is going on that might be of interest to those who visit without making any of them feel awkward ...

Another shot shows more action but is also a more confined view ...

It was however the more portrait orientated photos that interested me ...

This couple posed well (without being posed) and I consider the image might be of value to them and their family. The composition works!

The final image is of my mother. She does not look directly at the camera which I prefer to the ones where she is looking in the direction of the camera and hence rather self-conscious.

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  1. I like both the final shots a great deal. As you say the couple are posed beautifully - there is a touch of the gentler side of Martin Parr in that picture. And the one of your mother is delightful -she has a very interesting face and the colours and light work very well to complement her.