Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Assignment 5 ? a couple of suggestions!

Shopkeepers of Wellington

A series of photographs showing shopkeepers standing outside their shops.

To include ...

The Wine and Cheese Shop (Delicatessen)
Sunseed (health food shop)
Carly Press

(these are all shops whose owners I know!)

and also ..

award winning fish mongers

green grocers


Reflections on the Woodlanders

A series of places about the location about which Thomas Hardy wrote in his novel, The Woodlanders".

Photographs to include ...

A Turnpike

The old road

The green of the Woodland way

The house where Fitzpiers lodged when he came to Little Hintock

The hill that looked like a whale

Sheriton (Sherborne) ... main street and the Abbey.

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