Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "people and place" concept

"People and Place" is a term that can be included in a brief description of photographs. It is more than just "street photography" because it also considers the environment of the street rather than what merely happens to be going on in it.

in this photograph, both buildings and arrangement of people assume importance

It largely seems to be a matter of "watching and waiting" for the composition to take place; this was the view of Henri Cartier-Bresson although many photographers have posed their people in the street (Robert Doisneau for instance) while others nowadays may resort to Photoshopping things into place. 

As people move across the scene in a variety of ways, one is reminded of L.S.Lowry paintings where people are reduced to marks in the image. Here, they are slightly larger! One needs to wait for the image to fall into place.

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