Friday, July 2, 2010

two photographs by Rineke Dijkstra

The photograph above by Rineke Dijkstrseems reminiscent of a painted Christ on the cross rather than the teenager the subject obviously is; presumably, this is part of the interest generated by the photo and one wonders how much the photographer directed the subject, if at all.

Was the photographer trying to make a point here? Perhaps the similarity to a painted Christ crucified is coincidental but it seems likely that the photographer had a concept in mind. The vulnerability and awkwardness of youth perhaps.

Looking at another but similar photo by the same photographer ...

... one sees a different kind of image. There is no Christ being crucified here yet possibly a Venus for the pose is similar to Botticelli's Birth of Venus.

A sense of meaning apparently perceived by the photographer is not something I have tried to accomplish directly in assignment 1. My portfolio of Katy was concerned with showing what kind of girl she is. I did not at the time see any greater meanings though the photo of her with daffodils in the background did suggest further meanings while any of the images of Katy might be seen to have greater significance.

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