Thursday, July 2, 2009

begining a new module

At the end of june, the gift wrapped package containing notes for the People and Place (Photography Level 1) course arrived.

The first thing I did was to look through the various assignments to see what subjects I might choose. I write this a few days later from Delhi where I am spending a couple of nights. There is a potential wealth of material here of course and while in India I shall probably do some of the projects.

During my last module, Introduction to Digital Photography, I managed to make every assignment from material shot while visiting the Taj Mahal (a couple of full days had been spent there on previous trips) and I wonder if I might continue this self imposed discipline during this module. Of course, any portraiture done there would include the place as background although assignment 3 is concerned with simply place though not just one location. Continuing with the Taj Mahal as my only location might therefore be too limiting although it does contain a complex of buildings.

As a subject for portrait, I am considering another subject I have used before and that is Lucky, my mother's dog. To photograph an animal as a portrait is not easy and to create a series of portraits which would show a number of different doggy moods in different and apparently unrelated parts of the house, would be a worthwhile challenge. However, am also considering photographing my neighbour's teenage daughter having done one already of her; it would be a matter of photographing her engaged in her daily ativities rather than making formal portraits in different locations although I do have an idea to photograph her in the porch of a Tudor mansion.

Before one gets going though, it is suggested that one has a good look at available published photographic portraits. I shall start by doing this since although I have seen many different photographic portraits over the years, it is different when one looks at them with a view to making one's own.

Enough blogging for now!


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